Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Editors

Finally my three new editors are ready. They come from the need to have flexible tools which can be used in a wide range of games. They are the Kokusai Collision Animation Editor, the Kokusai Script Editor and the Kokusai FSM Editor.

The Kokusai Collision Animation Editor comes from the old and now obsolete Kokusai Fighter Editor. It creates animations with collision boxes added to every frame. Very useful for fighting games, or for other games when sprites are too big or too complex to manage them with only one bounding box.
The Kokusai Script Editor creates simple scripts using my own scripting language. The user can create its own custom commands in separate modules, import them in the editor and use them in its own scripts.
The Kokusai FSM Editor creates finite state machines. It's designed to be used in conjunction with the Kokusai Script Editor, to create complex state machines with the flexibility of the scripts.
These editors are all based of my new Kokusai Framework, which I'm currently developing and it will be completed soon. Stay tuned guys!