Engine Info

The Kokusai Fighting Engine IconThe Kokusai Fighting Engine is a 2D fighting game engine written in XNA using the excellent FlatRedBall game engine. Inspired by the famous MUGEN engine (and by its clones like ShugenDo, Direct-Xion-Game, and Paintown), it allows the user to create 2D fighting games like Street Fighter 2.

Character Editor
The engine allows the user to create his own custom characters. Using its Kokusai Fighter Editor, he can create animations, collision boxes, finite states, AI, combos, ecc.

Stage Editor
The user can also create his own custom stages. Using the Kokusai Stage Editor, he can create stages with multiple layers, parallax backgrounds, animated sprites, particle emitters, collision boxes, ecc.

Simplified Management
Data for characters and stages are saved in XML files, and loaded through the Custom Content Pipeline. But unlike MUGEN, there is only one XML file, for every character and stage.

Artificial Intelligence
Like MUGEN, characters AI uses Finite State Machines, but it's powered with Reinforcement Learning (Q-Learning), Fuzzy Logic and N-Gram Predictor.

Other Features
The engine can detect combos, created through the Kokusai Fighter Editor. Like MUGEN, collision detection uses collision boxes for every animation frame.