The FlatRedBall EngineThis is the official site of the FlatRedBall engine, used as the basis of the Kokusai Fighting Engine. This is a wonderful engine written in C# and XNA dedicated to simplifying game development. Very well documented, frequently updated and with an active community.
XNA Creators Club OnlineThe official site of the XNA community. Lots of great tutorials and all latest news about the world of XNA game programming. This is a reference point for all XNA programmers.
The XDSK – (XNA Developer’s Survival Kit)A great list of resources to assist game developers with creating better games in XNA.
Sgt.ConkerLots of great tutorials for XNA game developers. For most programmers this site has replaced the now dismissed Ziggyware.
Mugen Official SiteThis is the official site of ElecByte Development Studio, the creators of the MUGEN engine. Here you can find all latest news about the current state-of-art of MUGEN.
Mugen-InfantryThere are a lot of websites dedicated to MUGEN, but this is one of the best. There is a lot of free downloadable resources like characters, stages, tools, everything you need to work with the MUGEN engine.
ShugenDoShugenDo is a 2D fighting engine based on the MUGEN fighting engine from Elecbyte. Compatible with the MUGEN char format, it improves this engine with more features like dynamic stages, hardware accelerated rendering and network play.
Direct-Xion-GameDirect-Xion-Game is a 2D fighting engine for the creation of fighting games similar to MUGEN, powered by DirectX Graphics and integrating new features.
PaintownPaintown is a 2D engine for fighting game. It supports network play, dynamic lighting and the MUGEN engine. Moreover is completely open-source.
GIMPGIMP is a free software, raster graphics editor used to process digital graphics and photographs. It is often used as a replacement for Adobe Photoshop, the most widely used bitmap editor in the printing and graphics industries; however, it is not designed to be a Photoshop clone.
Street Fighter WikiThe Street Fighter Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the Street Fighter series. Toons of videos, articles and informations.
Scott Fuller's Animation BlogThe blog of Scott "Scotty" Fuller, the official animator, inker, and painter of our game Final Bout.
Mad Rabbit StudiosThe portfolio of Dave Johnson, the official character designer, writer, and backup animator of our game Final Bout.